Tribal Organization

The Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe was incorporated on March 24, 1995 and is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization as per IRS.  We are dedicated to raising the socio-economic and status and Well being of our members. The Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe actively participates in community programs by providing educational services and Native American cultural awareness to many area school districts such as the Pomona Unified School District, Chino Unified School District, Ontario-Montclair School District, San Bernardino Unified School District, Los Angeles Unified School District, Cal Poly Pomona, Claremont Colleges, the University of California Irvine, UCLA and USC.

The Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe is involved with CSU and FEMA in the restoration of the MossLanding Marine Lab at Moss Landing California. We also are also involved with the National Park Service in the restoration of Crissy Field in San Francisco California.

Tribal Membership

Article III Section A, Subcat 1

This corporation (the tribe) shall have three classes of member designated as follows: general, associate and honoary.

General Member: Any person dedicated to the purposes of this corporation and must prove lineage to a Carmel Mission Indian living in California before 1852.   General memberships are voting entities.

Associate Member: (a) Married to a current member in good standing, and who thereafter apply and are accepted as eligible associate members by the Tribal Council,  or (b) any person dedicated to the purpose of this corporation who thereafter applies and is accepted as eligible associate member by the Tribal Council. Associate memberships are non-voting entities. 

Honorary Member: Those individuals, other than General and Associate members who exemplify, through their dedication and commitment to the service of the community and nation, the purpose and goals of this tribe.  Honorary members shall be nominated by the Tribal Council, and, upon a majority vote of the Tribal Council receive "Honorary" membership status.   Honoary memberships are non-voting entities. 

CRC Tribal Home Page

***  For more information about the CRC Tribe, contact the tribal office at (909) 591-3117.  Thank you for your understanding. ***

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