Our children and our elders are our treasure.  We, as a tribe of people are members of a Nation of the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe and we are also citizens of the State of California (the State of California Constitution was drafted on our original homeland), and also the United States of America.  Many of our tribal members are veterans of all services of the United States Armed Forces and have proudly fought for the continued freedom of this land.  (By the way... One out of every four Indian males is a military veteran and 45 to 47 percent of tribal leaders today are military veterans.  Source: Bureau of Indian Affairs Webpage FAQ)

Many of our children, to whom we shall trust our future look up to our elders as role models.  Presented here are some of our tribal treasures that not only serve as role models to our children, but to the cultures of our neighbors as well.

Role Models

Tony Cerda - Tony Cerda is currently the Tribal Chairman.  He has had a long career in the field of professional boxing.

We are currently interviewing our elders and will have more information here concerning our Role Models of our culture.

CRC Tribal Home Page

***  For more information about the CRC Tribe, contact the tribal office at (909) 591-3117.  Thank you for your understanding. ***

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